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$79.99 list($160.00)
3. Le Creuset 9-Inch x 18-3/4-Inch
$29.99 list($60.00)
5. Le Creuset Square Skinny Grill,
7. Le Creuset L2023-26 Grill Pan
$89.99 list($120.00)
8. Le Creuset 10-1/4-Inch Square
10. Le Creuset 8-Inch Round Skillet
$39.99 list($60.00)
11. Le Creuset Square Skinny Grill,


Asin: B0000ABPMJ
Catlog: Kitchen
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (18)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great little grill!
Bought this grill as a Gold Box special and do not regret it.Perfect size for 2-3 hamburgers or 2-3 chicken breasts.

Some things I recommend:
(1) If you have electric stovetop, heat the grill slowly from low to medium, then to just a touch above medium heat.Let the grill get hot--check to see that a drop of water bubbles then dries up.Then apply PAM or cooking oil.This will help minimize sticking.If grill gets too hot, turn down to medium heat.
(2) The first few times you use the grill, you will have some food sticking.Allow a patina to develop and it will not stick as much.
(3) Yes, it does smoke.You are grilling inside!
(4) If you try to cook things too quickly using high heat you will damage the grill.

1-0 out of 5 stars Pretty, but what else?
I purchased this grill because it showed up in my daily "Gold Box" at a reasonable price.Inasmuch as I am an incurable meat eater, I grill a lot of hamburgers and steaks.As it's inefficient to fire up a charcoal grill for one little steak or hamburger (I don't think gas grills have the flavor), the skinny grill seemed a good idea.I usually just pan fry in either my dad's old cast iron pan or my copper bottom Revere Ware pan.Because I buy New York strip steaks and burgers with the lowest fat content possible, I have never had much of a problem with fat in either of my regular pans.But now, so I reasoned, - I CAN HAVE SEAR MARKS!Not worth the thought; although I did not turn my electric coils up to high or anywhere near high, it seemed that the enamel on the bottom of the grill wanted to cook faster than the meat in the pan. (The enamel is still on my coils and it has been several weeks since I last used the skinny grill.) Further, in my opinion, the little handles on either side of the pan look nice, but were hard to grip when holding hot pads because they are TOO little. (With an electric cooktop, one obviously has to move the pan immediately upon completion of cooking.)As for the smoking pan, I did think that there was more smoke with this grill than with my usual pan but that was not my major complaint. If you like a steak that is "seared and rare" I don't think this pan is for you. You will end up with a seared and melted enameled grill.I did return the grill and, thanks to Amazon, it was received without question and no UPS return charges were applied to my credit.

5-0 out of 5 stars Use it all the time and its great!!
I use this thing all the time for cooking steaks and it works great for grilling evenly.
I grill for a few minutes on stovetop at high heat and put it directly into an oven to bring the inside of the meat up to temperature.
Perfectly cooked meat and just a single pan.Easy.

5-0 out of 5 stars Love This Baby!
Used my grill for the first time tonight.Grilled two good size steaks and added onions and pepper towards the end of grilling. Everything turned out FABULOUS!!

Had no trouble cleaning the grill.

Heated grill for a few minutes on medium/low.

Waiting until drop of water did a little dance.

Turned steak when juices were lying on top/could feel muscle when pressing top/middle of steak. (Don't turn too soon)

Following the above "meat won't stick."After pan cooled for approximately 5 minutes I put water in pan.After soaking for 10 minutes it cleans beautifully with warm water and a nylon pot brush.

After using other grill pans this is a dream.Take the time to read the directions and you will be all set.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Deal!
I purchased this item as a "bonus offer" to another Le Creuset item I purchased, even though I didn't think I'd get much use out of it since I already had the Le Creuset double burner grill.Turns out though, I use this little grill more often than my larger grill, or any of my other Le Creuset pieces.It's the perfect size for grilling up a couple of chicken breasts, salmon fillets, or steaks when I'm cooking for just my husband and myself.I can also grill up to four burgers on it.Just like my larger grill, I love the cooking results I get from using this little grill, but it's especially handy when I need access to my other burners on my stovetop.It's also much easier to clean than the double burner grill.

If you are just starting your Le Creuset collection, this is a definite "must have" item to your kitchen.And especially at the price is offering it, you can't go wrong! ... Read more


Asin: B0009JGXMQ
Catlog: Kitchen
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (3)

5-0 out of 5 stars Kick George Foreman to the Curb...
Don't let the high price tag and the cast iron thing scare you away from this great product. It's not your mother's cast iron of stuck-on messes and rust in your food. It's very easy to season, and from there it works great. We've been able to cook everything from salmon, to buffalo, to pineapples with no sticking.
Unlike it's predecessor, the George Foreman grill, it cooks many kind of foods beautifully without drying it out or sticking. The key...temperature control. Since it works with your stove, you can control the amout of heat you need.
Also, having a wee kitchen, it's nice not to have another appliance taking up valuable counter space.
One of the best features is the lifetime warranty. And they mean it too. My friend had a Le Creuset teapot that rusted out and they sent her a replacement for free.
Sure it's pricey, but you get what you pay for with this pan.

5-0 out of 5 stars You'll eat more veggies and fish! Healthy and tasty!
Wow, I love this pan!I also live in an apartment, so this is a great substitute for outdoor grilling when you want a quick dinner.It's not as good as the outdoor charcoal grill, but this has some advantages.It'ssuper easy.I use this pan several times a week.I pre-heat the pan, brush a little canola oil to the ribs, and while it warms up to the right temperature, I prepare the food.I cut some veggies (can use zucchini, squash, small eggplant, onions, bell pepper, etc), on the bias, so there's more surface area, toss with olive oil, salt & pepper, and grill.You may have to do several rounds of it if you have lots of veggies.After cooking until just tender, toss with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil.DELICIOUS!!Also, we've been grilling some great local wild salmon on this pan.It is unbelievable.It is very quick, so don't overcook.Season with salt and pepper, and anything you like. Just practice a couple times, experiment with the temperature and your technique, and you'll see how easy and tasty it is.If you can get some homegrown or organic produce, it's so much more tasty.Simple grilling complements good ingredients.

4-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful product, even though it's specialized
The only reason why this doesn't get the last star, in my book, is because of its somewhat limited usefulness.However, if you live in an apartment or otherwise anywhere where grilling is impossible, this is the next best all other Le Creuset products this heats evenly and wonderfully and takes abuse.I got mine as part of a 6-piece set (along with a Dutch Oven, Baking Pan, and Casserole) and sorta at first saw this as a "filler" piece.However, to it's credit, this pan can do even easilly-burned items like tofu dogs and fake bacon WONDERFULLY, which shocked me--I was convinced that nothing could give a "grilled" effect to those items. I even got adventerous the first time I used it and grilled some apple rings.I panicked when some sugar seemed to be burnt on for good despite a good soaking, but after the pot had been dried and put away for 48 hours it flaked right off.Forget what you know about nonstick surfaces, btw, and banish those bad memories of cruddy, flaking Teflon from the 70's.Just treat this well (I only use wooden utensils on it) and it will treat you well.Follow the instructions and enjoy!Just be sure to use a potholder and realize that once this thing gets hot it STAYS hot for a LONG time.

(1) Where is it written, who decreed that skillets should be round?(2) Why has it taken me so long to discover the advantages of a square fry pan?

The answers are: nowhere that I know of, and because my mother always used a round skillet.She would have loved this enameled cast iron beauty that leaves appetizing sear marks on meat - a char effect without the mess. The ribbed base captures grease allowingfor healthier low fat cooking, and the surface isa satiny black enamel that cleans in a breeze.

It's compatible with all heating surfaces, and has an easy hold comfortable handle. We lightly applied vegetable oil to the ribs before our first use, and for several times thereafter.Since then there has been no need for the addition of oils.By heating the grill for a few minutes on medium heat (test with a drop of water and heat until water droplets sizzle) we've found the cooking surface primed for superior cooking.

This nifty item has such a plethora of uses - it can be used in the oven (keep your oven glove at the ready) or even on a backyard barbecue.

- Gail Cooke

5-0 out of 5 stars Horgy from MA
Does an excellent job of cooking whatever you put in it without drying the food out.Chicken, steaks, fish, shellfish, everything, comes out moist and flavorful.Gives the appealing appearance of grill lines without the drying effect of the outdoor grille.I really enjoy cooking with this grill, and often choose recipes based upon being able to use the grill. ... Read more

3. Le Creuset 9-Inch x 18-3/4-Inch Giant Reversible Grill/Griddle
list price: $160.00
our price: $79.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004SBI9
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Le Creuset
Sales Rank: 1554
Average Customer Review: 3.83 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

The versatile Le Creuset Grill is a reversible cooking pan for making grill marks on fresh salmon filets or griddling up a batch of burgers. It's enameled cast iron holds the heat over any cooking source and distributes it evenly from one end of the grill to the other--the cast iron is made using traditional foundry techniques and Le Creuset's well-known workmanship. The pan is coated with satin black enamel to avoid odor absorption, so this morning's French toast won't taste like last night's fajitas. The slim grill slides away for storage and is dishwasher-safe. --Lynne Sampson ... Read more


  • Made in France
  • Ideal for meats and fish on one side, pancakes and eggs on the other
  • 18-3/4-by-9-inch size cooks for a crowd
  • Enameled cast-iron construction for superior heat retention and distribution
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Reviews (6)

1-0 out of 5 stars Bad enamel, too expensive
I just got this grill and was very excited to use it. It cooked my spareribs to perfection and I was elated. It all stopped there. It took some doing to clean the grill, as you cannot use abrasives for fear of ruining the enamel coating as stated in the instructions. Then when I took it out to use it the next day it had rust dots all over it.

So from my experience, the enamel coating doesn't make it easier to clean and does not seal it from rusting. These are the reason I paid the big bucks for a great name like Le Creuset. For 1/4 the price you can get a regular cast iron griddle that should provide the same results...

4-0 out of 5 stars Great...but expensive
Just a clue in here, this is a great product... but you can get the exact same thing, but at a cheaper price. The Mirro Non Stick Double Burner Griddle is actually the same thing, with a little bigger grease runnoff area.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great grill & griddle
I've had this griddle for about a month, and am quite pleased overall. It is heavyweight, and has a tough black enameled finish that quickly builds up a slight seasoning (oily film) within a few uses. Foods stick much less than then would on a raw cast iron grill. It does a great job cooking pancakes, bacon, or grilling hamburgers or steak.

The only negative qualities are that it could use a larger reservoir for grease, and it would be handy to have larger handles if you need to pick it up hot. But these negatives do not outweigh its use.

3-0 out of 5 stars Not recommended for ceramic cooktops
As soon as I took the grill out of the box, I was disappointed to discover that the edges of the grill were rough. As it has no handles to use to "place" the grill into position on the stove, I would not even attempt to put it on my new stove for fear of scratching the ceramic top. Based on my experience with Le Creuset products, I believe I would have loved this grill and given it 5 stars IF I had a regular stove.

5-0 out of 5 stars Just bloody fantastic!
Living in an apartment doesn't allow me the space to have the luxury of being able to grill foods and I love grilled food. So finally I broke down and put in an order for the Le Creuset reversable grill. I finally received this wonderful reversable grill just a couple of days ago and since then I have been grilling like crazy. The heavy weight of the reversable grill remains in place over the two burners while I am flipping the food which is quite helpful. I also like how the fat of the meat drips down to the side, meaning that the food isn't drowning in its own fat which a lot of health conscious people can appreciate. I just discovered that when cleaning the grill, it helps that it is under running water and/or soaking in the sink filled with soapy water but you have to wait until it has cooled off from being over the hot stovetop. I don't mind so much about cleaning it because I honestly love grilling food and everything else doesn't matter to me. I haven't used the griddle side yet but when I do it will be so much more convient than using a couple of pans to cook my eggs and bacon. ... Read more


Asin: B0006H92T2
Catlog: Kitchen
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

5. Le Creuset Square Skinny Grill, Flame
list price: $60.00
our price: $29.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000DINYZ
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Le Creuset
Sales Rank: 6349
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Warranted for the lifetime of the original owner, whether self-purchased or received as a gift
  • Le Creuset enameled cast iron goes easily from oven or stovetop to the table
  • Each piece features a non-abrasive bottom and a long-lasting, shock-resistant finish
  • Enameled cast iron distributes heat evenly and retains heat longer
  • Performs on all heat sources - gas, electric, induction and ceramic top. Phenolic knobs and handles are oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit


Asin: B0007TRE12
Catlog: Kitchen
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

7. Le Creuset L2023-26 Grill Pan Red 10-in.
list price: $110.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000DEJYY
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Le Creuset
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Use this heavyweight 10-in. Grill Pan for low-fat cooking with lots of flavor. Enameled cast iron heats quickly, making the pan excellent for grilling and searing meat and seafood. High ridges keep food from simmering in its juices and overcooking. Pan doesn't require seasoning, and won't rust or absorb flavors. Dishwasher-safe. Made in France.About Le Creuset... Since 1925, artisans have been crafting Le Creuset cookware in the French village of Fresnoy Le Grand. Each piece of Le Creuset cast iron cookware is handcast, polished, double enamel-coated and then fired, resulting in some of the finest quality cookware available. Cast iron is one of the best materials for distributing heat gently and thoroughly and is ideal for induction ranges. The strong enamel coating will not absorb odors or flavors, and is easy to clean. Heavy lids securely seal in moisture and flavor. Le Creuset cookware comes in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to match any kitchen and cooking preference. So lasting, you'll pass it on to the next generation of promising cooks. ... Read more


  • Material: Enameled Cast Iron
  • Dimensions: 10-in.
  • Origin: France
  • Cleaning & Care: Dishwasehr Safe
  • Warranty: 101-yr.

8. Le Creuset 10-1/4-Inch Square Skillet Grill, Matte Black
list price: $120.00
our price: $89.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002EK392
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Le Creuset of America
Sales Rank: 22068
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

By squaring this skillet and flaring its sides, famed French cookware manufacturer Le Creuset offers extra cooking room for steaks, fish, burgers, or any food that benefits from stovetop grilling and the caramelized flavor imparted by seared grill marks. The ribs in the grill's bottom not only provide those marks but also elevate foods so that fat collects between them for low-calorie cooking. Because cast iron is unmatched for heat retention and even distribution--no hot spots--foods will cook uniformly in the 10-1/4-inch-square grill. Enameled outside with a matte surface and inside with a black satin-texture finish, this is a heavy, durable grill that works on any stovetop, in the oven, or under a broiler. It's also stylish enough (think French farmhouse kitchen) to bring to the table. Though it's dishwasher-safe, hand washing preserves a patina that builds up with use and aids in the grill's stick resistance. --Fred Brack ... Read more


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 10-1/4-inch enameled cast-iron square skillet grill
  • Enameled cast-iron construction provides even heat transfer without hot spots
  • Oven-safe built-in iron handle and helper-handle
  • Dishwasher-safe; oven-safe to 450 degrees F


Asin: B0009JGXKS
Catlog: Kitchen
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

10. Le Creuset 8-Inch Round Skillet Grill, Blue
list price: $60.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005NTFR
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Le Creuset
Sales Rank: 103789
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

With a grill pattern of raised ribs in the bottom, this heavy, 8-inch roundskillet grill sears tasty, appetizing grill marks into steaks, burgers, fish, sandwiches, andother foods that benefit from stovetop grilling and the caramelized flavor grill marksimpart. The ribs also elevate food so fat collects between them, allowing for low-caloriecooking (spouts on both sides of the skillet permit the fat to be poured off easily).Because cast iron is unexcelled at retaining heat and distributing it evenly--no hotspots--foods will cook uniformly in the skillet. Enameled outside with a bright, smoothsurface and inside with a black, satin-texture finish that doesn't need seasoning, thisdurable skillet goes onto any stovetop, in the oven, or under a broiler. It's also stylishenough to bring to the table. Though it's dishwasher-safe, hand washing preserves thepatina that builds up with use and aids in the skillet's stick-resistance. Like all Le Creusetcast-iron cookware, the skillet is made in France using a one-of-a-kind mold that ensureseach piece's uniqueness and carries a lifetime warranty against defects. ... Read more


  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • 8-inch round skillet grill sears tasty, appetizing grill marks into food
  • Constructed of cast-iron to retain heat and cook uniformly
  • Enameled outside with a smooth surface and inside with a black-satin-texture finish
  • Goes onto any stovetop, in the oven, or under a broiler

11. Le Creuset Square Skinny Grill, Granite
list price: $60.00
our price: $39.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000DINZ1
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Le Creuset
Sales Rank: 6482
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • 9-1/2 inches square; limited lifetime warranty
  • Square stovetop grill pan
  • Enameled cast-iron for even heating without hot spots
  • Black enamel coating on cooking surface needs no seasoning
  • Dishwasher safe; oven-safe to 450 degrees F

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