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$249.99 list($375.00)
1. Westinghouse WST1600 Unplugged
$55.19 list($59.99)
2. Westinghouse WST1810 SweepEZE
3. Westinghouse WST1100 Cow Hand
4. Westinghouse WST1500 Wired Special
5. Westinghouse WST1550 Wired Deluxe
6. Westinghouse WST1551 Wire Deluxe

1. Westinghouse WST1600 Unplugged Cord-Free Vacuum
list price: $375.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008URRT
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Westinghouse
Sales Rank: 38245
Average Customer Review: 2.75 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Early Adopters Pick: June 2003. The World's first full-powered cordless Vacuum, the Westinghouse WST1600, requires no bags or replacement belts, sports an advanced filtration system, and utilizes a floating head that automatically adjusts to bare floors, deep shag carpets, and everything in between.

Up until now, all full-powered upright vacuum cleaners shared the same irritating feature--a cord.While vacuuming with one hand, we hold the cord with the other hand to keep it out of the way of our cleaning path. As we go around furniture this leash gets caught, and we continually stop our work to free it. Westinghouse has finally done away with the cord, and included other recent vacuuming innovations to offer what may be the easiest to use floor cleaner we've tried. The vacuum is bag-free and uses a long-life HEPA filter to trap the smallest particles and keep your air clean. It has a clear dust canister that lets you see when it's full, and emptying the collected dirt is quick, easy, and mess-free. The canister pops out of the machine, you twist out the filter and empty it--a quick rinse and it's as good as new. There's also a built-in telescoping cleaning wand on a stretch-hose for above-floor cleaning. The vacuum adjusts automatically to different rug heights and thicknesses, and it's also great for bare-floor cleaning.

Out of the Box
The Westinghouse Unplugged comes with a great easy-to-follow manual, and you'll want to give it a read before getting started. Once you do, you'll find the one disappointment with the machine: you can't use it immediately after arrival. The vacuum uses an advanced battery system that requires the Ni-Cad batteries to be conditioned in the charger before your first use (and again about once a year). So, once your exciting new machine arrives, you'll have to find some patience, put the included fuses in the battery packs, and put a battery in the charger for a 24 hour conditioning. Since you need both batteries to operate the machine for more than a half hour, it'll be 48 hours before both are conditioned, fully charged, and ready for service.

The wait is worth it. Each battery lasts for 30 minutes, and it takes the charger only 30 minutes to charge the back up, so you can clean continuously with his machine. Switching the battery is simple--it pops out with a simple lever on the back of the machine, and the fresh battery snaps cleanly into place. One caveat to the continuous cleaning is that use of the telescoping wand tends to drain batteries faster, so your best bet is to do all your floor cleaning first, and then move on to the drapes and such.The included battery charger is designed to detect problems with battery packs, and to prevent problems from arising during charging. It has a built in cooling fan to prevent overheating, and can tell you if you ever need to put new fuses in the batteries.

Does it Work?
We found the Westinghouse to be as powerful and effective a bagless upright as any corded models we've tested. While they spent considerable effort and research coming up with the cordless functionality, they didn't sacrifice anything else you'd expect in a well-designed modern vacuum. They even have a separate motor for the brush head that you can turn on or off while working (and that will relieve you of the need to constantly replace belts). Westinghouse also designed the machine to help you preserve battery power. Even after pressing the power button, the machine stays in stand-by mode until you release it from the upright position, and when you stop to move furniture, or shoo the cat out of your way, the machine powers down until you need it again. The initial wait while you condition the batteries is a one-time only, short-term frustration easily overshadowed by the quality, cleaning power, and leash-free operation of this machine. The Westinghouse Unplugged comes with the vacuum cleaner, two battery packs with fuses, the advanced charging system, a long-life HEPA filter, a dusting brush attachment, a universal cleaning tool attachment, a crevice tool, and onboard storage for the three attachments.--Brian Trinen ... Read more


  • No bags to buy or broken belts to replace
  • 14-amps -- more than any corded vacuum
  • Interchangeable power packs never leave you without power
  • Long-life HEPA filter lasts 7 years
  • Rotating brush shuts off for bare floor cleaning

Reviews (28)

3-0 out of 5 stars Not as powerful as expected
I had high hopes after reading "We found the Westinghouse to be as powerful and effective a bagless upright as any corded models we've tested" in the review, but after having tried it for myself, I am frankly amazed that anyone would have made such a statement. It was only because of that review that I was willing to pay $250+ for this machine.

This vacuum is acceptable for a light cleaning, but is in no way a suitable replacement for a corded machine - it just doesn't have the power. It is not totally inadequate, but the power is marginal at best. Even on my low carpet the brush motor "bogs down", causing the brush to spin so slowly it doesn't have the power to give the carpet that "just vacuumed" look (sorry, I'm a guy with a poor "house cleaning" vocabulary).

The vacuum does appear to be of high quality manufacture; the batteries do work about 30 minutes each; and the ease of cordless operation is great, but I think you'll find you need to follow up periodically with a corded unit to adequately decompress the carpet to restore its appearance and extend its life.

4-0 out of 5 stars Yes, it really works
We've had this for a month or so and have gotten used to the different handling characteristics compared to other vacuums we've had. Although it doesn't seem to have the suction of a plugged in vacuum, it really must be working, judging by the amount of dirt that collects in the canister. I appreciate the ease of getting the job done more quickly; when I see a little dirt that needs vacuuming, I'm not as intimidated by this model as I would by a machine that you're always plugging in and unplugging and getting caught up in the cord. Without dealing with a cord, I'm more apt to take some extra time to utilize the attachments for doing edges, baseboards, window sills, etc. This is my first vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter and the bagless collection feature which seem to work quite well. I don't think there really is such a thing as a perfect vacuum cleaner, but this machine eliminates a few annoying aspects of vacuuming. Note: when you first buy it, each battery has to be conditioned for 24 hours; that's 2 days before you have continuous use of the machine. This conditioning process, which has to be done once a year, is a little noisy. After that, each battery recharges in 30 minutes.

2-0 out of 5 stars I want a Fantom! They rocked!
I should have listened to the below reviews. Maybe this can help future buyers. Do NOT pay more than $100 for this vacuum. Somehow Amazon mispriced for $89 and free shipping so I ignored the reviews and took the deal. My mistake and loss of time. I'm going back to corded and will not stop until I get my Fantom back. I should have never let it go (sold for a cross country move)!

Positives first. Only 1. It's quieter than anything I've ever heard. Okay, now the negatives. The battery charger stays plugged in and is noisy (white noise). When in use you have to keep the vacuum cleaner very tilted or it shuts itself off (goes into sleep mode) if you lift it too close to upright position. This is annoying to say the least. Supposedly it should only do this if it locks in upright position. No so, or I've got a defective one.

Suction. Better than the bagged vacuum I have, but terrible for bagless (and I'm comparing to Fantom Fury a long time ago). It got up a lot of cat hair (I have one cat) and stuff, but when I inspected the carpet there were still plenty of hairs it could have gotten. It is for this reason I'm sending it back and going with a better suction machine.

Too much special care needed. It's like a Beverly Hills socialite vacuum or something! C'mon, every week, every other month, every 3 months, and once a year something needs cleaning. My old Fantom was a dirt hog if this is what new bagless vacuums are about.

I'm really irritated because I waited so long to receive it and used it for less than 15 minutes and hate it. That's bad. But it goes to show you, READ REVIEWS and heed the warnings!

5-0 out of 5 stars Getting a feel of unplugged vacuum
I bought this item from Amazon a week ago. I bought it for the features and the look. I opened the carton and I assembled all the loose parts (like handle,brushes and fuse for battery. Assembling is not a time consuming process. Everything is pre-assembled except handle. I started battery conditioning. I checked the battery charger after approx. 20 hrs or may be less and amazingly it was conditioned and charged. I was surprised because the manual says 24hrs. I started vacuuming to see how it works. My first impression is that it was awesome. It produces minimal sound unlike regular corded vacuums. I tested on bare floor, it works really good.
Initially, I thought the handle position is awkward as it is not in the center. I realized that its not bad. Its a matter of practice.
When I read other reviews, I thought it is worst. I believe those comments are not up to mark or may be they got bad pieces. I liked this vacuum for now. I will let you know after 1 month how it behaved.

2-0 out of 5 stars Great idea but ..
This is a great idea but ...

I love the way you don't have to plug and unplug the vacuum. It makes everything so easy and the recharging and ordinary maintenance of the cleaner is not that hard. But ...

the problem is that it repeatedly jams. I would guess that it has jammed 10 out of the 12 or so times that I have used it. To unjam it you have to turn the cleaner upside down and pull the knotted mess out of the bottom of the machine with your fingers. That often makes a mess on the floor which you have to clean all over again. Sometimes (about half the time) it jams so badly that I have to take the bottom of the machine apart with a screwdriver, clean it out and reassemble it.

I wondered if there was something wrong with the unit I bought, so I took it to a repairman. He told me that the opening in the bottom of the vacuum is too small and prone to jamming. There was, he told me, nothing that could be done to improve the situation except to be very careful vacuuming so as to not jam up the machine.

The cordless vacuum is a great idea but it needs a lot more refinement and that refinement should have been done before they put it on the market ... Read more

2. Westinghouse WST1810 SweepEZE Vacuuming Dustbin with Automatic Infrared Technology
list price: $59.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0006VHM2M
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Westinghouse
Sales Rank: 82196
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Measures approximately 10-1/2 by 7-1/2 by 16-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
  • 600-watt vacuuming dustbin for hard-floor surfaces
  • Automatic infrared beam triggers a timed vacuuming cycle
  • Manual activation; quiet operation; pleated pre-motor micron filter
  • 2-liter dustbin; canister fill-level indicator; sleek, lightweight design

3. Westinghouse WST1100 Cow Hand Vac

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000CFW9W
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Westinghouse
Sales Rank: 93906
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Washable and resusable filter
  • High powered suction
  • Large angled nozzle opening for easy pick-up
  • Cordless vacuuming
  • LED on/off power indicator

4. Westinghouse WST1500 Wired Special Edition Upright Vacuum
list price: $125.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008URRW
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Westinghouse
Sales Rank: 57586
Average Customer Review: 4.25 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Back-to-basics cleaning with up-to-date features--that’s Westinghouse’s approach in this Wired Special Edition upright. Adjustable for three levels of carpet, the vacuum features bagless dirt collection in a roomy, washable bin that is equipped with an electrostatic filter for trapping dust and fine debris. A powerful HEPA filter captures microscopic particles and allergens (though the company’s promise of a 7-year life seems too good to be true). For bare floors and above-floor cleaning, the Wired comes with a hose, cleaning wand, and set of attachments, all stored onboard. In addition to the floor nozzle, these include a dusting brush for delicate surfaces and a crevice tool for nooks and crannies.

The Wired’s structure is squarer than many vacuums in its class. The plus of this construction is that all parts are easy to access, and the dust bin removes in a snap. On the downside, the machine is not quite as maneuverable as more streamlined models. Its light weight of just 19 pounds, however, helps the cause. Handy details include a wide headlight, quick-release power cord hooks, and a carrying handle. Westinghouse also includes a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard ... Read more


  • 13-inch cleaning path; 44-1/2 inches high; weighs 19 pounds
  • Powerful 12-amp, 2-stage motor system with bagless dirt collection
  • Long-life HEPA filter lasts 7 years
  • Handle instantly converts for above-floor cleaning
  • Suitable for carpets; bare floor cleaning with hose and attachment only

Reviews (4)

4-0 out of 5 stars Powerful yet heavy
This vac replaces my worn out Hoover upright. This product truly has excellent suction power to pick up the dirt/dander/sand/pet hair deep in the carpet fibers. The first time I used it I couldn't believe the amount of dust and pet hair my old vac didn't pick up. The bagless container allows you to see the results and you'll definitely save $ not having to buy replacement bags. Also, the debris container is larger than many other models/brands. The cons of this vac are that it is very heavy , the electric cord isn't long enough nor is the extension hose with attachments. Aside from the cons this product is well made and will be reliable for many years.***UPDATE***June 17,2004---so much for reliability! While vacuuming my average sized living room the darn thing overheated and shut-down. It started back up after a few hours:(

4-0 out of 5 stars Very Good Vacuum
This is the first vacuum that I have ever bought and it did an amazing job. I have to birds that molt their feathers at an amazing rate. They also throw seed everywhere. This vacuum got up every feather and every little piece of seed that I could see. I recommend this vacuum to anyone with pets, or if you just a vacumm that will pick up stuff in the carpet. The only thing I do not like about it is how the attachment hose doesn't have a good reach for place above three to four feet.

4-0 out of 5 stars Good for the floor for people with allergies
I got this vacuum for $108 (which includes tax and shipping), and I am quite pleased for what I got for the prince. What I needed was a vacuum that can fit my student budget and that can clean the carpeting well and yet protect me from allergens in the dust. This machine's power and its hypoallergenic filter seem to be doing the job. I find it easy to navigate and clean. My major disappointment is with the hose for the peripheral brushes. It is very, hmm... suspicious... It is very short and made of poor material; together these two things mean that it will get destroyed easily and also that it is difficult to use. Since I probably wasn't going to use it anyway, and since a lot of vacuums of this kind and at this price don't even have a hose or a hypoallergenic filter, I say that I am quite pleased overall. Finally, I don't think the description says that the vacuum has a nifty-looking light source in the front, which makes cleaning more entertaining :)

5-0 out of 5 stars Westinghouse WST1500
Great vacuum and excellent value! Seems well built and should last for a long time. We especially like the smooth operation and easy handling. HEPA filter and easy to use bagless container are a big plus and bottom line is that it does a fine dust-free job of cleaning. Highly recommend this Westinghouse machine as a lower-end price scale choice. Will be looking for other Westinghouse products when we need something. ... Read more

5. Westinghouse WST1550 Wired Deluxe Vacuum
list price: $190.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008URRU
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Westinghouse
Sales Rank: 77414
Average Customer Review: 3 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Handle instantly converts for above-floor cleaning
  • Powerful 12-amp, 2-motor system
  • Long-life HEPA filter lasts 7 years
  • Rotating brush shuts off for bare-floor cleaning
  • No bags to buy or broken belts to replace

Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars Westinghouse Wired Vacuum model 1550 (A.K.A. Fantom Cyclone)
I have had this vacuum cleaner for a while now. I payed $150 for this unit. The dual headlights on the vacuum cleaner provides excellent illumination for vacuuming in dark corners. I love how when you put the vacuum cleaner in carpet mode, the revolving brush doesn't engage until you put the handle down and the "Brush Status Indicator" light turns green. This vacuum seems very powerful. I get a lot of dust and dirt out of my carpet each time I use the Westinghouse. I also like how the handle turns into a vacuum hose and you can attach tools to the end of it. By the way, the tools store conveniently in a storage bin located at the top of the vacuum, they do not hang off the side of the vacuum. This is the first vacuum cleaner I have owned that allows you to shut off the revolving brush in order to clean bare floors or use the attachments. I don't like the idea of using the attachments for a period of time while the revolving brush is moving. With the Westinghouse, that problem is solved. The HEPA filter does not have to be replaced for seven years, which is convenient. This vacuum cleaner used to be manufactured by Fantom Technologies as the Cyclone model, but they went out of business and Westinghouse bought the molds and started producing the "Wired" series of vacuum cleaners. I really don't see a difference between the Fantom and the Westinghouse. With all the features that this vacuum has to offer, it seems to be a bargain for $150. I now own a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and I see a lot of similarities between the Westinghouse and the Dyson. I will definitely keep the Westinghouse vacuum as a back-up for a long time. I would definitely recommend a Westinghouse Wired model WST 1550 to anyone who wants a great vacuum at an affordable price.

1-0 out of 5 stars What a piece of s**t
I did not expect great things when I bought this piece of junk, but, I expected something. I needs cleaning out every three minutes. The suction is almost nonexistent even when cleaned out. It is made of cheap plastic, and whoever desigend the thing certainly never planned on it being used as a vacuum. If you need an anchor for your canoe, with a little lead weight added, this might work. Other than that, it is good for nothing. (...) ... Read more

6. Westinghouse WST1551 Wire Deluxe Vacuum with 10-Foot Extension Hose
list price: $190.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008URRV
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Westinghouse
Sales Rank: 37242
Average Customer Review: 3.8 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Equipped for bare floors, carpet, and above-floor cleaning, the 12-amp Westinghouse Wired Deluxe vacuum covers a houseful of needs with an accessible straightforward design. The vacuum is built without bags or belts, so collected dirt stores in a roomy and washable dust bin complete with a foam filter. Fine particles are efficiently trapped by the machine’s long-lasting HEPA filter (though the company’s promise of seven years of use per filter does seem too good to be true). The 13-1/2-inch-wide nozzle is adjustable for four different heights of carpet, and the power switch gives you the option of turning off the brush roll to protect bare floors. An indicator light helpfully signals if the brush roll is rotating. For high-up spots and attachment cleaning, the vacuum’s handle converts to a cleaning wand with a stretch hose. This is a clever design, but not seamless--you have to wrestle with it a bit. Once extended, though, the hose is markedly long, adding a full 10 feet of reach. Onboard attachments are also handy--including a universal cleaning tool, a crevice tool, a floor nozzle, and a dusting brush.

Westinghouse’s structure on this vacuum is strictly un-gimmicky. The body has a back-to-basics feel and doesn’t bother with the sport car aerodynamics common to models of comparable power. In spite of this simplified approach, the machine does come with some handy details, such as quick-release cord hooks, powerful headlights, and a recessed carrying handle. --Emily Bedard ... Read more


  • 13-1/2-inch cleaning path; 45 inches high
  • Powerful 12-amp, 2-motor system with bagless dirt collection
  • Long-life HEPA filter lasts 7 years
  • Rotating brush shuts off for bare floor cleaning
  • Handle instantly converts to hose for above-floor cleaning

Reviews (10)

4-0 out of 5 stars Heavy Duty...and Just A Little Heavy...But Really Cleans Up!
This review refers to the Westinghouse WST1551 Wire Deluxe Vacuum....

I was truly in need of a new vacuum. My windtunnel seemed like it was just pushing everything around, leaving a line of dirt and dog hair wherever it finished.When this one popped up in my gold box I jumped on it. So even though I had just vacummed the day before, I tried this one out within minutes of it's arrival. I was stunned at the amount of dust, AND dog hair I immediately saw in the clear roomy collection bin..and that was just one room!

The vacuum , besides being very powerful, has several other nice features. The collection bin, removes easily,and is well sealed so no dirt comes out until you open and empty it into the trash.And no messy bags to buy anymore! The tool storage has a nice little compartment that closes, so they are on board but not falling off all the time. The tools attach to a wand which is released right from the upper handle. It pulls out with the hose already attached. Attachments include a dusting brush, a bare floor nozzle(you can adjust the vacuum for this), a crevice tool, and a universal cleaning tool that is nice for cleaning upholstered furniture.There are 4 carpet height adjustments, a 25ft power cord(which coils up nicely on the side), and extra hose extension making it easy to move up stairs or reach high places(especially for us short people), and a HEPA filter with instructions for cleaning it about every 3 months.And once you get used to how to release and attach all these items, it's a breeze.There are also 2 headlights(came with a spare as well), and it gets along the edges beautifully.Of course there is also a pedal to release it from an upright position to get underneath things(it didn't quite fit under everything though).

The vacuum is a litle on the heavy side though. I found this to be a little bit of a problem when I was using the extension hose. Because the hose and the upper handle are all one piece,when you use it, there is no handle to hold.Although the hose is quite long, I found it difficult to have the vacuum follow me around without having to pick it up and move it occasionally. It has a carry handle, but like I said, it is a bit heavy.

The instruction booklet is very detailed and clear for use and care. It includes some useful tips(like the best way to empty the bin if you have allergies).There's a question and answer section, an 800 number and an e-mail for questions, an accessory order form,warranties(1 year on the unit and 7 years on the HEPA filter). There is even an address to return if there is a problem(I noticed one person said, their's was not working well).

This is not cordless vacuum and there is no way to charge it that I know of.

I highly recommend this unit, if you are in the market for a new vacuum. After using it for several weeks now, I just feel better after seeing what it cleaned out of my carpets and upholstry!

Go For It... and really clean up.....Laurie

2-0 out of 5 stars Disappointing on bare floors
I was pretty excited about my Westinghouse vacuum especially since the previous reviewers compared it to the Dyson and this cost a lot less. I've been using for about a week, and I am very disappointed. I was somewhat pleased with its performance on carpet; it picked up lots of dust that my old Hoover left behind although the suction wasn't as powerful as I had expected. It did a good job of picking up hair/dust but left behind larger things like crumbs or tiny bits of paper. I had to run the vacuum over the same area over and over to pick up everything. It was HORRIBLE on bare floors, it couldn't even pick up a few crumbs and it missed all the dirt on the edges of my floor. The worst part is it left a long deep scratch on my hardwood floors. The hose feature is disappointing as well, because there's no suction! I tried using the hose to vacuum above the floor, and I kept thinking I was doing it just didn't suck. Also another thing is the bulbs for the headlight (including the replacement bulb) burned out on the same day I received the vacuum. Needless to say I'm sending it back. I advise you to look elsewhere.

4-0 out of 5 stars WOW! And I thought my floors were clean!!!
I've had this product for three months now and must say "WHAT A BARGIN!" Though my carpets were just cleaned, the amount of dust and dirt that this vacuum STILL is able to pick up is AMAZING!!!!

I too am an alergy sufferer and after using this vacumm for just a few weeks I've noticed the difference.

The only drawback it has that over the canister types is it's weight -- but the outcome far outweighs that inconvenience!

5-0 out of 5 stars best performing vacuum I've owned
We have 3 cats and 2 large birds, and two of us in the household have pretty severe allergies. This is the first vacuum that we've owned which has really stood up to the challenge of our multi-pet household and eased our respiratory distress! Anyone who has cats and birds knows how much hair the cats leave around everywhere, and how much dander birds have, and how miserable it can be to sneeze all the time even during and after vacuuming.

Of course, all of the previous vacuums we've owned have also been in the same price range, and no doubt you can get something whiz-bang and amazing for over $400, but the amount of stuff that you get out of your carpets with this vacuum is almost repulsive (in a good way), and the performance is excellent for the price.

We had one oriental rug that we thought was faded from sunlight, but after a few passes with the Westinghouse, we realized that it wasn't really faded, it was just dusty and covered with fur! Previous vacuums like our old Eureka True HEPA bagless couldn't accomplish the same thing, and we were replacing its filters religiously. That ended up costing quite a pretty penny as well.

So it's another plus for this vacuum that you don't have to replace a thing until the HEPA filter goes out, and it's got a 7 year warranty. We like being able to clean the collection bin, the foam insert filter, and the hepa filter as well. With so many pets, I clean them every other time I vacuum the house, and the amount of dust trapped in the filters as well as how clean and fresh the house feels after vacuuming tells me that this vacuum really works. The bristles of the rotating brush are a big factor in this, I think, since they're fairly short and stiff in comparison.

We don't use the vacuum for bare floors so I can't comment on that, but it is a bit heavy and a challenge to maneuver on carpet, compared to other bagless vacuums in this price range that we've owned. We don't mind, though, knowing how much gunk it's pulling out of our carpets and rugs, which is why it still gets a full 5 stars instead of just 4 stars. I, for one, welcome the extra workout!

5-0 out of 5 stars A great deal for the price
I own 2 Fantom vacums and needed to replace my Cyclone which was a great vacum but not as good as the first Fantoms that came out,
so I read all of the reviews and decided on trying this one. I am so happy with my purchase. I found it to be a great value for
the price. It has so much suction power, it is as good if not better than the first Fantoms that came out. I'd like to thank all of those people who purchased the Westinghouse and then took
the time to write a reiview it helped me in making a great buy! ... Read more

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